Friday, October 24, 2008

I received an email few days back. I would usually delete emails without reading them because they are usually spams. But one somehow caught my attention.

It was sent to just a handful of people, i was one of them. I recognized some of their emails and noticed that they all came from SSG. It seems that i was handpicked and humbly requested to write a review of their website on my blog.

It's basically a way to get more people to know about their organization and what they are all about. Seeing how well the email was written and how sincere it sounds, why not?

So what is all about?. Well, they introduced themselves as a group of friends doing psychology who wants to do something charitable and at the same time create awareness about what Psychology is all about.

As typical Malaysians we all think that
Psychology is only for the psycho's and psychologists are mind readers. Which isn't quite true.

Doesn't that just makes you want to find out more? Psychology is a pretty interesting subject if you ask me. Plus they are doing charitable works. It's not like they're selling anything.

Although the website is not officially launched, it is up already. So feel free to visit their website and forums. Yes, at least click on the link and see whats it all about ay?.

*this is NOT a sponsored post*


Ahakz, although they are ok on paying for the reviews but Devil Tears ain't a commercial blog. No ads, No money earning. (although that seems to be the trend now, no?)

Song of the day: Avril Lavinge - When you're gone.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

love at first note

if you haven't noticed already, the tag board and blog links that Yolo generously set up for me are gone. was fiddling with the layout settings, and i changed it (changed it back though. didn't like the others that much. they make my posts look loooong), not knowing the fact that in doing so, all changes made (html again...sigh..) will be gone. and so, i'm left tag-less.

anyway, i've been sitting in front of this computer the entire day, surfing blogs, installing devocalizers and uninstalling them 10 minutes after usage (my brother doesnt allow extra software to be installed on his "baby"), downloading movie and video game trailers (underworld 2 and enchant arms to be exact), singing along with misia and utada hikaru (ignoring the sore throat im currently suffering from), watcching hollywood squares and whose line, and changing milo's bedding. WHICH led me here NOW, blogging again. i'm sure many of you go through this phase as well. the i-wanna-write-but-i-dont-know-what-to-write phase. talk about free writing.

got that from hollywood squares. see, people DO learn from watching the telly. i'm living proof for heaven's sake. speaking of music (AGAIN), i'm awfully tempted to list down a few of my favourite songs which i could NEVER get tired of. some even from the yester-years. some even japanese. (but i guess i won't list down the japanese ones. first, they're too many to mention. and 2nd, you wouldn't know what i'm talking about anyway. but just for the record, i love utada hikaru, misia, and ayumi hamasaki.)
  • come what may - nicloe kidman and ewan mcgregor (just love singing the second voice by nicole kidman)
  • kiss me - six pense none the richer
  • alone again - gilbert o'sullivan (sob..sob...)
  • sugar sugar - the archies (there was an old movie, revolving round teenagers, and this song was the OST. i loved that movie so much but i coulnd't recall the title! anybody knows? the only thing i DO remember is that one of the cast was played by the girl who played Wednesday from the adam's family first movie. what? i'ts the best i could do!)
  • lovefool - the cardigans - this song goes way back to the primary school day. would listen to it every morning in the school bus. yes, i rode school busses before.)
  • mr. brightside - the killers (one of the songs that remind me of the first weeks of college, since that was the time it was played on the radio. over and over and over again.)
  • i think i love you - the partridge family (heard this the first time on american idol when constantine sung it, and i knew i had to download it. at first note)
  • how soon is now - the smiths (brings out rhe rocker in me in a way.)
  • everybody's changing - keane
  • somewhere only we know - keane (another song which was played during the first weeks of college)
  • kiss by a rose - seal (another song i heard alot when i was still a kid. not in the bus, no)
  • unforgettable - nat king cole (trully, unforgettable)
  • toxic - britney spears (the ONLY britney song i actually dont resent and loathe)
  • all you want - dido (this one brings back high school memories. it was when i actually got hooked on her)
  • take me out - franz ferdinand (i cant describe how i feel when i listen to this one. its...undescribably goooood)
  • luxurious - gwen stefany (luxurious? hell yeah)
  • i believe in you - kylie minogue (the final song, from the "college reminisce" collection. it also reminds me alot of davina. we talked bout this song before)
  • love is gonna get you - macy gray (alicia silverstone..mmmm...)
so there you have it. a glimpse of my ever-so-weird, ecelctic taste in music. if it wasn't for this pemalas atittude i've been having, i'd be obliged to seperate them into categories, in relevance to how they make me feel, and not overly contemplate myself. jolly, slutty, whatever. as a last note, this list does NOT include the rest of my favourite songs, as i mentioned before, these are the songs i never get TIRED OF. so, michael buble can get some rest i suppose. toodles.

thoughts for the day

if anyone were to know me well enough (or even almost well enough, and had been in proximity), they'd undoubtly know, that i talk alot. given the gift of the gab, i never restrain myself from vocal expression. but yesterday..haaa...well lets just say i talked more than i could handle. thats what happen when you rekindle with old buddies, consequtively throughout the entire freaking day..not to mention the flu i'm still having. and yes, it did get worse. so here's a brief recap to how this particularly talking-overload situation babbled on (no pun intended) throughout the day.

  • woke up at 10a.m to send my sister's vios to the service centre. damn, i was groggy. well duhh, i only got like 4 hours of sleep.
  • when i got home at 12p.m, my younger sis told us (my mom and i) we were late, and we had to send her to pyramid (not to mention pick her friends up at the klang station). and it hit me. I HAVE TO CUT MY HAIR. and so i got ready as fast as i could (15 minutes..thats half the usual time! what a feat)
  • so with full enthusiasm, i went on, talking with full speeds, describing every single thing that should be performed on my hair to the hairdresser. them, being more chinese oriented, and the your-a-chinese-looking-boy-you-should-have-short-spiky-hair-with-highlights mind set, things can definitely get missunderstood. or in othet words, they dont listen to you. i mean come on, the first things they actually say when u sit at the chair, is "cut short?", not "how would you like me to transform your physical beauty, as my skills can definitely refine and define those simply gorgeous tresses or yours". well ok, not like THAT, but you get what i mean. all i want is more versatility, and not simple stereotypical styles, conjured up from past experiences. by the way, i love my new haircut. well its not exactly new, more like a perfect trim.
  • got a phone call from dennis. an invitation. yay! just what i needed after a session at the salon. a meeting with friends. and coincidentally, i met li san at the elevator. how cliche'd is that?! never met up with them (dennis, micah, david) for quite a while, so we had alot of catching up to do. on my end that is. from dubai, to the haircut, to other random thoughts that popped along the way. watched memoirs of a geisha. loved it. 8/10. unfortunate event of the day: spent 45 minutes finding for my car at the carpark. bad memory, people. damn it, should've snapped at picture with my phone like i always did. didn't know y i didn't. god knows how many people i asked (no, not "have u seen a blue atos?") where the preffered parking was.
  • got a phone call from ken seong. sleep over invitation. at my place. the irony. haha..dont get me wrong, i was delighted. another gathering of buddies? who would object? isaac, ming zhan and ken seong showed up and we had a really, REALLY long chats bout the most arbitrary topics, gossips, and even deep discussions, all withing football games on the ps2, red cards and all. the long talks even continued as we had supper at the mamak. when we got back, played a couple of games on the gamecube, laughing our asses off. especially the "dungeon duo" one. isaac and ken seong are quite a team. haha...we slept round 6a.m plus and woke up at 8a.m, as ming zhan had to go for church.
and now its 1a.m, 6 hours after the moment i woke up from bed. (thats 7pm, for those mathematically challenged). yeap, i got my rest alright. which brings me back to an unanswered query. have i gotten more manic these days? humour me.